About us

San Domenico Real Estate with seriousness, accuracy and reliability as anyone needs to sell or buy a property are sure to find what best fits your needs. With two locations, Pisa and Navacchio, we cover so widespread throughout the province.

Il nostro archivio offre non soltanto una ricca scelta di immobili, ma anche una banca dati di potenziali clienti che a cui vi potete aggiungere compilando l'apposito modulo che trovate nelle pagine interne del nostro sito.

So, if you want to buy us probably already we have the house for you; and if you have to sell, we know perhaps already your purchaser.

San Domenico is at your side with all its services, ranging from the brokerage promotion (marketing, advertising, etc.), to the assessment of individual apartments as entire buildings.

All to solve your problem as soon as possible and in the best way.